Paramount Global's Content for Change initiative seeks to counteract narratives that enable bias, stereotypes, and marginalization using the power of our content, the creative supply chain that powers it, and the culture that underpins everything we do. CFC and CBS Sports teamed up to showcase how NFL coaches and players make an impact off the field. The content premiered during NFL Today throughout the season and then aired across Paramount Global’s portfolio of networks and streaming platforms. The final vignette airs on CBS during the Super Bowl LVIII pregame show on February 11, 2024.


  • CFC X Super Bowl LVIII
    Content for Change and CBS Sports

    Featuring an original track by Black Thought, this piece highlights NFL players and coaches off the field. Content for Change and CBS Sports are proud to highlight these stories during the Super Bowl pregame show.

  • Dak Prescott & Solomon Thomas
    Faith, Fight, Finish Foundation and The Defensive Line

    Through their organizations — Faith, Fight, Finish Foundation and The Defensive Line —NFL players Dak Prescott and Solomon Thomas work to normalize the conversation around mental health and offer resources to those struggling. The athletes share how their heartbreaking tragedies of family loss to suicide, is the driving force behind the work. 

  • Cam Jordan
    God Iz Love

    Cam Jordan takes fans inside the lives of players with his podcasts, Truss Levelz and Off the Edge. God Iz Love is a 501c3 Non Profit started by Cam and Nikki Jordan to create positive change in children’s lives and to better the community through resources, youth development initiatives and innovative experiences. Cam’s visits to schools, shelters, food banks and other groups throughout the country, exhibit his passion for the power of God’s love in each and everyone of us.

  • Callie Brownson & Jennifer King
    Women Trailblazers of the NFL

    Callie Brownson, assistant wide receivers coach for the Cleveland Browns and Jennifer King, assistant running back coach for the Washington Commanders are examples of true trailblazers in the NFL. Both are among the eight record-breaking female coaches in the 2023 season and illustrate the importance of widening opportunities for women representation in the league.

  • Trey Smith & Anquan Boldin
    The Player’s Coalition

    Trey Smith and Anquan Boldin understand the importance of using their platform to advocate for their communities.  They speak about how The Player’s Coalition – an organization that works with athletes, coaches and owners across the league – help push forward social justice issues and racial equity in America.

  • Jacksonville Jaguars
    Jacksonville Public Education Fund

While Super Bowl LVIII descends upon Las Vegas, Paramount Global's Content for Change in partnership with Tribal minds will be launching Murals for the Change. The initiative will bring Indigenous stories to life through public artworks in Las Vegas, aiming to champion underrepresented voices and create a lasting visual legacy. Click here to learn more.

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