In partnership with Tribal Minds, a Nevada-based organization for Indigenous voices, we are bringing Indigenous stories to life with a series of public artworks around Las Vegas. By amplifying Indigenous narratives, Murals for Change embodies our broader mission of championing underrepresented voices, transforming the way the world sees people.

Launching the week before the “big game” arrives in the city, the murals aim to create a sustained visual legacy for Indigenous communities, building power and pride across generations.

In addition to this public art initiative, Paramount will be providing a grant to the Tribal Minds’ summer arts program to support the artistic development of young Indigenous voices.

  • Numu Water Protector, Gregg Deal 2024
    Location: 46 W. Colorado Avenue

    "Norm Harry was one of Nevada’s original Water Protectors. Someone who dedicated much of his life to advocate for water, for fish and land in Nevada first for his people, the Pyramid Lake Paiutes, and ultimately for much of Nevada. Norm stood as an example of a good leader, a good community member and a good relative. I was honored to create this piece in remembrance of Norm’s legacy and example. He was my friend, and my heart swells with the opportunity to create this for his family, for our people and for Nevada.? - Gregg Deal

  • Square Series, Gregg Deal 2024
    Location: 1400 S. Main Street

    "Early in my work I created pieces that spoke with a collective voice, illustrating various struggles in Indian Country as it relates to just about everything, appropriation, mascots, water rights, environmental rights and even statements of positivity and representation. I had originally created what I called “The Square Series” and saw an opportunity to revive these, and place them in plain site. Subtle in their Native representation, but unapologetic in the Native voice and statements, these simple black and white pieces are meant to be exactly what they are: Statements of truth, strength and desire for change for our people as well as Americans." - Gregg Deal

  • Future Knowledge Keepers, Danielle SeeWalker 2024
    Location: Boys & Girls Club, 2530 E. Carey Avenue

    "This mural represents our future culture-bearers and knowledge keepers, our children. Our Native kids today navigate two-worlds: one of holding onto their cultural identity but also existing in the 21st century. I want our kids to be proud of who they are and where they come from." - Danielle SeeWalker

  • Water Is Life, Fawn Douglas and Avis Charley 2024
    Location: 1430 S. Main Street

    “Water is Life” incorporates the importance of cultural preservation and preserving our sacred life source. Fawn Douglas (Las Vegas Paiute) and Avis Charley (Spirit Lake Dakota/Diné) translate the phrase Water is Life into their languages, Pa-Nuu Quith and Mni Wiconi. The Southern Paiute basket design is central to representing the original peoples of Las Vegas.