Annenberg Research


Paramount announced the expansion of our Content for Change initiative last year, first launched by Scott Mills and BET in 2020. We then partnered with Annenberg Inclusion Initiative to analyze 62 series from across Paramount to explore how we can further our efforts around representation and inclusivity on-screen and behind-the-scenes. 

The study found that we are excelling in representing characters from underrepresented racial/ethnic groups, including when it comes to Black representation among speaking characters. However, we need to work on representation of racial/ethnic groups like Hispanic/Latinos, Asians, and Indigenous people. 

The Annenberg analysis is the first step in our journey — it makes clear that while we’ve made progress, there’s still so much more work we need to do to create sustainable change. 

Read more from Marva Smalls and Crystal Barnes via the Paramount Newsroom about the results of the study and how it will influence our plans to expand our commitments: “By continually looking inward and setting the bar higher for ourselves and our industry, we hope these next steps will help transform our industry and the world for the better.”

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